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Our Council receives offer of contribution for skatepark project expenses from Tairua group

22 December 2021

Our Council has received an offer made to the Tairua community from the Preserve Cory Park Domain Society of $250,000 to assist with the costs of locating a skatepark at Pepe Reserve, one of three sites shortlisted for further assessment and community feedback.

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The offer will be treated as additional information that will be provided to Council as part of the analysis to support decision making. Our Council will not confirm acceptance, or otherwise, of the contribution until the process is completed.

Due to the historic and current controversy on the location of a skatepark in Tairua, our Council commissioned independent assistance to support Council making a decision on the skatepark location.

A community survey was used to involve the community at the start of the project to provide input into the site shortlisting, the elements of the skatepark, and criteria for assessing the location for a skatepark. Some highlights from this survey include:

  • 93 per cent of people who provided a response to a survey on the skatepark site location criteria and skatepark elements support a skatepark in Tairua.
  • 89 per cent of people agreed that the elements presented in the survey, which included skatepark elements, consideration of flow and speed and surrounding environment were what was needed.
  • 89 per cent of people thought the criteria presented in the survey were a good basis for decision-making on the location of a skatepark in Tairua.

A second survey, asking for feedback on three shortlisted sites, is open until 5pm on 22 December. The three sites are:

  • Cory Park Domain
  • Pepe Reserve – Harbour side
  • Tairua School

On December 17, 2021, our Council received a letter from the Preserve Cory Park Domain Society offering the community a $250,000 contribution to the costs of locating a skate park at Pepe Reserve to cover costs specific to achieving Resource Consent and moving the swings at Pepe Reserve to accommodate a skatepark.

The Preserve Cory Park Domain Society members do not support a skatepark at Cory Park Domain.

On December 7, 2021, based on the results of the first survey and independent advice, our Council adopted the multi-criteria to complete the location assessment for a skatepark in Tairua. Our Council continues to support the completion of a robust analysis of the shortlisted sites to determine the best location for a skatepark in Tairua.

Cost is a factor in delivering a skatepark in Tairua; however, the multi-criteria approach is designed to identify the overall best location.

There will be a further round of formal consultation on our Council’s preferred location, once it has been identified. This consultation is scheduled to take place from February to March 2022. This consultation will make it very clear how the Preserve Cory Park Domain Society contribution offer has been considered by our Council in this process.

More information on the Tairua skatepark project is available at