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Predominantly obedient dogs and owners this summer

05 February 2020

We want to thank locals and visitors for following our dog summer restrictions again this year which ended on Friday 31 January.

(Pictured below: Otis – assisting our Compliance Team)


Please note the restrictions resume on all public holiday weekends, between 9am and 6pm (inclusive) and there are still some areas that are prohibited all year round and during dotterel nesting season until 1 March.

“It's important that we restrict dogs at certain times due to how popular our beaches can be and to protect our native wildlife,” says our council’s Regulatory Manager Brian Taylor. “Most people follow our rules which is fantastic, while the minority that don’t, we catch up with to find out why they may have ignored our bylaws.”

Our team of Compliance Officers work closely with the Department of Conservation (DOC) and their dotterel watch programme volunteers across our District. To read more about the NZ North Island Dotterel in the Coromandel check out Our Coromandel magazine, and for information on dog access to conservation land click here. 

Knowing where you can take your dog on or off lead is easier now our local rules and signage are clear and easy to understand for both our residents and visitors. We have a new traffic light sign system (pictured below) and simplified the message on flip signs that change to give the right message for that specific period.

  • Green = Off-lead and under control. 
  • Orange = On-lead at all times. 
  • Red = No dogs.

It is important to remember that dogs need to be on-lead when in public, however we do provide off-lead dog exercise areas which are sign posted and can be found on our website.

This is to make sure everyone can enjoy our public spaces and there's a safe environment for dog and non-dog people. Take note, as dog owners can be fined $300 for any dog not on-lead in areas not designated as an off-lead area or failing to immediately remove their dog’s faeces from a public place and dispose of it adequately.

We use three terms to explain the dog rules and areas:

  • Prohibited: Dogs are not allowed in prohibited areas.
  • Restricted: These areas have a time and date restriction on dogs being allowed into an area.
  • Exercise: These are areas designated to running your dog at all dates and times. Dogs may be off-lead, but under control at all times. Temporary restrictions will be identified by signs.

Even though our summer restrictions have ended, we would like to remind our Coromandel residents and visitors that it is still very hot outside. Walking on the beach and main town centres during the day is not advised as it could burn your dog’s paws so use the five-second rule. Whenever you take your dog outside (don’t forget your lead and poo-bags), place the back of your hand on the pavement. If you can't hold it there for five seconds, it's too hot to walk your dog.

Please never leave a dog in your car in the heat and make sure they have access to shade and fresh drinking water during the day.

Being a responsible dog owner:

  • Make sure your dog is registered and wears a registration tag at all times. If you're from another district an ID with your name, address and mobile phone number will help if your dog gets lost or picked up by a Dog Control Officer.
  • Don’t take your dog to areas where dogs are banned. In general between 20 December and 31 January and public holiday weekends most beaches have restricted times dogs are allowed on the beach, if at all.
  • Dogs are not allowed in cemeteries, sports fields and within children’s’ public play areas.
  • Dogs are prohibited from protected bird habitats. Keep an eye out for signs, it will usually be from Labour weekend to 1 March, which is during NZ dotterel breeding season.
  • Make sure your accommodation has somewhere to keep your pet safe, secure and under control.
  • Don’t let your dog wander or cause a nuisance by fouling or barking.
  • Unless in a designated dog exercise area, you must have your dog on-lead in a public place. Remove your dog's droppings. Take a plastic bag wherever you go.
  • Make sure your dog has access to shade and fresh drinking water during the day.
  • Please never leave a dog in your car in the heat.