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Brace for heavy rain and strong winds overnight

11 July 2022

MetService and Waikato Regional Council have updated the severe weather warning for the Coromandel.

Gale N/E winds are forecast at 90+km/h, with at least 110mm of rain, between 5pm tonight (Monday 11 July) and mid-morning on Tuesday (12 July). The eastern coast will be more strongly affected than the Thames Coast.

High tides around 5pm tonight and 6am tomorrow could see significant water on low-lying areas and roads, especially on the Thames Coast Road.

Our Council’s Civil Defence Team is monitoring and responding to the situation. “We have had over 300mm of rain over the past week, says our Civil Defence Controller Garry Towler. “As always with MetService, who have real difficulty at times with our rainfall predictions, we double or triple them to get a more accurate picture.”  

“The key message right now is for everyone to use the daylight left to secure outside furniture, top up on gas and batteries for likely power outages and be in a safe place by tonight,” says Mr Towler. Before driving tomorrow morning or going to the beach, check the MetService forecast, NZTA (Waka Kotahi) road conditions and our Council’s FB page for updates.

“We will be undertaking a rapid assessment of the entire district at first light tomorrow to get an on the ground picture of the situation,” says Mr Towler.

On Friday and next Wednesday storms are again forecast to hit the Coromandel. We will keep you updated.