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Tairua-Pauanui Community Board discuss local projects and provide rent relief following COVID-19 for local community groups

30 June 2020

Our Tairua-Pauanui Community Board met yesterday. Click on the snapshot below to watch the unedited recording of the meeting.


Or, it is available on our website at

Below is a summary of what was discussed. You can view the full agenda here.

In the public forum:

  • One resident spoke on the need to resurface the netball courts in Manaia Road.
  • Two residents spoke in support for a skate path in Tairua. Pepe Reserve was their preferred location that would cater for all ages and abilities. While acknowledging this may cost more, they believe the community would get behind the project and support it through fundraising.
  • The Pauanui Community Church Chairman spoke about their memorial wall and asked the Council to consider building a new memorial wall on Council land to future proof the facility.
  • A Holland Close resident spoke about the ongoing issue of flooding and requested the stream be cleared by our Council if Regional Council could not. A meeting with residents and Council and Regional Council staff was requested.
  • A representative from the Guardians of Paku Bay requested a formal response from the Board about the retrimming or removing of pohutakawa tree in Paku Bay.

In the meeting:

Request to retain 2019/2020 Community Grants

Approval for Tairua Care and Friendship Club, the Tairua Troubadours and Pauanui Half Marathon to retain their unspent 2019/2020 grant as these were not used due to COVID-19.

Rent relief for community groups

During our Council's Annual Plan deliberations, in response to COVID-19, it was suggested that Council consider providing rent relief for those groups that pay an annual rent/lease to occupy Council property for the 2020-21 financial year. 

The Board approved funding of $2,850 from its Discretionary Fund for the 2020/2021 financial year to provide rent relief for the 11 community groups who occupy council property in its ward. You can view a breakdown of this total budget here.

Tairua-Pauanui work programme update

You can view the full Tairua-Pauanui Community Board 2019/2020 work programme as at 30 May 2020 here.

Some highlights to note:

  • Pauanui waterways playground replacement - (Pictured above) Construction of the playground was slightly delayed due to the weather, however planting will take place this week and we hope to have an official opening later this month.
  • Royal Billy Point wharf and boatramp upgrade – This project has been completed as far practicable as we’re still awaiting approval of additional funding (additional budget required is 15% over budget). This will be considered at Council’s August meeting. The completion date will now likely be postponed until April 2021 to avoid next busy 2020. 
  • Pleasant Point Boat Ramp – Work to widen the existing Pleasant Point boat ramp to alleviate the congestion experienced at boat ramps in Pauanui has been completed.
  • Tairua skate path - This item was discussed further in the Board workshop and an update will be published on our website later this week:
  • Pepe toilets –  This project was part of our successful Tourism Infrastructure Fund applications. An archaeological assessment is finished and Port-A-Com are building the unit off site. This project was delayed due to the COVID-19 and we expect it to be installed in August/September 2020.
  • Kennedy Park fitness trial - Fitness equipment has been ordered and installation will occur in September/October 2020.
  • Pauanui skate bowl – The refurbishment of the skate bowl is on track and concept design can be viewed here.
  • Ocean Beach Road kerb and channel - Project deferred and to be reconsidered as part of the 2021-31 Long Term Plan.
  • Pauanui to Tairua walkway – Last month volunteers planted 1000 trees at strategic points along the trail with maintenance and predator control ongoing. We have installed a road safety barrier on the bend west of Duck Creek bridge. There has been no physical construction progress on Stage 3 since the last report and The Hikuai District Trust are preparing a letter to the Department of Conservation to reapply for final approval of the trail alignment along the marginal strip. Our Council’s Economic Development Manager explained this is an on-going process and we’re getting the right people together to keep dialogue open between all stakeholders.
  • Te Karo Bay (Sailor's Grave) public toilet – Another of our successful TIF applications. Resource consent was granted last week and the toilet is currently being built off-site. Iwi want to be present for excavation work which is expected to start over the next month.
  • Drinking water standards upgrade – Tairua - Commissioning of the plant is underway and expected to be completed over the next week with an official opening in July. Pauanui - The roof is under construction with the commissioning date in November 2020.