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Watch the weather on the Coromandel the next two days

29 October 2022

Keep a close eye on the weather over the next two days if you are going to be out and about, our Council's Emergency Management team is advising.

"We have been monitoring progress of the approaching front and liaising with MetService today," says Garry Towler, head of our Council's Emergency Management team.

"While it’s been hard to forecast exactly how much rain and where it will fall, MetService has confirmed the heaviest rain will fall across the Coromandel for a 24-hour period from 11am Sunday to 11am Monday."

Spring tides over the next two days could impact the Thames Coast and Firth of Thames with northerly winds pushing waves up more than normal during the high tides at 11.30am and 10.30pm on Sunday, so please be vigilant if you are along that section of coast.

Stay connected with MetService for weather updates and our Council's Facebook page for any updates on road closures or other disruptions as they come through.