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Submissions received on two reserves to be prohibited for freedom camping in new bylaw

22 August 2022

Our Council staff have put in a submission to the draft new Freedom Camping Bylaw, requesting that two reserves be added to the list of reserves where we’re proposing freedom camping be prohibited.

The two reserves are Ariki Tahi Reserve on Te Kouma Road next to Te Ariki Tahi Sugarloaf Wharf, and Patukirikiri Reserve on Wharf Road in Coromandel Town (shown below).


They were inadvertently omitted from Schedule One of the proposed bylaw, which lists sites where we’re proposing that no freedom camping be allowed.

Both reserves are culturally significant, plus Ariki Tahi contains archaeological areas and has limited parking which is in high demand given the reserve's proximity to Te Ariki Tahi/Sugar Loaf Wharf.

Patukirikiri Reserve contains a boat haul-out area for large recreational boats and barges, a recreational boat ramp and a large grassed area. There is pressure on the available parking and potential conflicts and health and safety issues arising from use of the area from multiple user groups.

Our consultation on the draft new Freedom Camping Bylaw runs until 2 September.

The new bylaw retains the district-wide rules from the previous bylaw:

  • You must use a certified self-contained vehicle 
  • You may stay a maximum of two nights 
  • You must leave any site by 9am each day. 

The new bylaw also has a list of sites where we are proposing that no freedom camping be allowed (Schedule One – prohibited sites) and a list of sites where freedom camping could take place (Schedule Two – restricted sites), but with further restrictions to the district-wide rules such as where on the site a given number of vehicles could freedom camp. Most of these prohibited and restricted areas are the same as what we had in the 2014 Freedom Camping Bylaw, but there are few changes.

Under the Freedom Camping Act, freedom camping is allowed anywhere on public land except where it has been either prohibited (not allowed at all) or restricted (allowed, but subject to restrictions). 

The Department of Conservation has its own rules for freedom camping on the land it manages.

Share your feedback with us online by visiting, where you’ll find the draft new bylaw, the schedules, maps of sites and material explaining how the bylaw would work. Or, pick up a hard copy version of the submission form from one of our offices.