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Long Term Plan consultation underway, Repco Beach Hop roaring in - our weekly wrap-up

19 March 2021

Welcome to the weekly wrap-up of our latest Council project news, important dates and information about what's happening in our District - all now in one easy-to-read place.

This week's wrap-up:

  • Long Term Plan consultation - week one down
  • Other work happening in your neighbourhood
  • NZ Banks are phasing out cheques - what it means for payments to us
  • Thames Create the Vibe launch event tonight
  • More costs down the line with proposed Water Services Bill says our Mayor
  • Kerbside waste audit
  • Upcoming Meetings
  • What's on in the Coromandel?
  • Repco Beach Hop 2021
  • Signature Events Marketing Fund Recipients
  • Creative Communities Scheme – funding deadline looming for local arts groups and projects

If you missed the last updateread it here

Long Term Plan consultation - week one down

It's been one full week since our public consultation opened for our Long Term Plan (LTP), and so far we’ve hosted an online forum with our Mayor Sandra Goudie and our Operations Group Manager Bruce Hinson, for people to ask questions and have them answered and get an overview of everything we're proposing around projects, delivery of service and costs.

If you haven't already seen it, you can watch the recording here.

We have another two online forums coming up and this weekend we're hosting 'have a cup of tea with the Mayor' sessions to answer any questions, find out more here

“This LTP is a big one,” says our Mayor Sandra. “We’ve signalled for some time that we’re facing challenges around things like dealing with peak summer demand and affordability, increasing costs with rubbish and recycling, meeting national drinking water standards, planning for sustainable growth and addressing climate change - all under the lens of COVID-19."

Our consultation document has examples of what’s happening with rates for different property types broken down by our Community Board areas. The consultation document is available on our website at - you can put in a submission online through this website, or pick up a hard copy of the submission form at one of our service centres

Other work happening in your neighbourhood

(Picture above: Progress of the redevelopment at Pepe Toilets, Tairua)

Pepe toilets, Tairua - The site was blessed by local iwi last week and nothing of interest was uncovered by the archaeologist. The ground preparation work has been completed with three prefabricated concrete blocks being put in place yesterday with a crane. Next week a local builder will start on the roof and cladding with the overall project on track for completion mid-April.

Whitianga Town Centre Art – We’re working with the artist James Webster and other contractors to complete the installation of the ten Manukarere Pou in Taylors Mistake after Easter.

Kōpū Marine Precinct – This is the development of a working commercial wharf, hardstand and boat ramp thanks to an $8.2m grant from the Government. Our project team have assessed all the Requests for Interest for the construction work, with the intent to go out to tender in April to the short list of preferred contractors. The tender process is running concurrently with our application for a fast-track resource consent, which we expect a decision on by mid-July.

A peer review of the design documentation is progressing, and if construction begins in July, it will involve forming new roading at King St and the hardstand build. The marine work is planned to start at the end of September. Completion of the boat ramp is anticipated to be done by Christmas and the commercial wharf by May 2022. All things going well we hope to have everything completed by July 2022.

Brophy's Beach Geotech wall maintenance – Sandbag Maintenance will take place from Tuesday 6 April - Friday 16 April as required by the Waikato Regional Council consent. Signage and temporary fencing will be installed for the duration of the work. The area will not be accessible due to heavy machinery operating. 

Jack's Point boat ramp, Coromandel Town - Repairs to the existing retaining wall will start in May. 

Disconnection of tsunami sirens - The paging system that our Council manages which triggers the 27 tsunami sirens around the Coromandel will be disconnected by 30 September 2021. Our Emergency Management Unit has been working with community groups around the District developing Emergency Reponse Plans tailored to local conditions and needs. 

More information for this project can be found on our website

Road works - For a summary of roading activities programmed for our District next week see

NZ Banks are phasing out cheques - what does this mean for us

NZ Banks are phasing out cheques and after Thursday 20 May 2021, our Council will no longer be able to accept cheques as a form of payment. This is not our initiative but a bank-led directive.

For information on other ways you can pay things like dog registrations, LIMs or rates, visit

Thames Create the Vibe launch event tonight

It’s awesome to see the new town hub being used by people with young kids and those wanting to enjoy their lunch and coffee in a nice area. The launch for the new town hub is coming up tonight and we'd love to see the community there to enjoy:

  • Live music
  • Sausage sizzle and bake sale
  • Mr Whippy cones
  • The Villager Cafe 

Click here for more information

Create the Vibe container days - Give us your feedback

Our staff will be at the Vibe container on Pollen St from 10am - 3pm every Thursday until 22 April for you to pop in and chat and give your feedback on the new Create the Vibe space.

We also have an online survey which is the best way to give us feedback for the new town hub. It's important to share your thoughts with us as it will shape the next stage of the project.  

More costs down the line with proposed Water Services Bill says our Mayor

Come and hear Mayor Sandra speak next week in Thames, to the proposed Water Services Bill, which is currently going through Parliament to make its way into law.

The proposed legislation is about the delivery of drinking water and covers reticulated systems, water delivered by tanker, owners of extraction points water treatment, personnel, registration, compliance and penalties.

“This Bill, if it becomes law, will generate an avalanche of costs to providers, and users,” says Mayor Sandra.  “It will have a huge impact upon the services to the Coromandel, where we have many private, community-owned or community operated drinking water supplies.”

Water Suppliers as defined in the Bill will have to do the following:

  • Become authorised and hold a licence
  • Provide a Water Safety Plan
  • Provide a Water Risk Management Plan – and potential risk.
  • Undertake monitoring, which includes the water source and its ‘aesthetic’ values.
  • Undertake Enforcement if a TLA
  • Costs for iwi involvement.
  • Pay a prescribed levy to the Water Regulator.

The general theme of our Council’s submission is that the assessment, addressing of any on-going issues including system upgrade requirements and potential take-over of these private and community-owned or community operated drinking water supplies, not be placed upon territorial local authorities and its ratepayer base.

You can read the full submission here.

Mayor Sandra’s submission is being conducted by Zoom, from the conference room of the Thames War Memorial Civic Centre on Wednesday 24 March. Public are invited to arrive by 12.10pm, with the Select Committee starting at 12.20pm.

Light refreshments are being provided to those who would like to attend.

Kerbside waste audit 

We've contracted Waste Not Consultants to carry out a waste audit in our district under the Solid Waste Protocols from Ministry for the Environment. The team will be collecting rubbish from the kerbside to analyse the composition of the contents, so we have a better idea of what makes up our waste, and help us find ways to minimise what goes into the rubbish and recycling.

The waste audit will be carried out over three consecutive weekdays and you may see a team of workers taking bags or emptying private wheelie bins:

  • Monday 22 March – Whangamatā
  • Tuesday 23 March – Whitianga
  • Wednesday 24 March – Thames

Upcoming Meetings

  • Council Meeting - Tuesday 23 March, 9am in the Thames Council Chambers, 515 Mackay St.
  • Tairua-Pauanui Community Board meeting - Monday 29 March, 10am at the Pauanui Community Hub, 23 Centreway.
  • Whangamatā Community Board meeting - Tuesday 30 March, 10am at the Whangamatā Service Centre, 620 Port Rd.
  • Thames Community Board Community meeting - Wednesday 31 March, 9am in the Thames Council Chambers, 515 Mackay St.
  • Coromandel-Colville Community Board meeting - Tuesday 6 April, 9am at the Coromandel Service Centre, 355 Kapanga Road.
  • Mercury Bay Community Board meeting - Wednesday 7 April, 9am in the Board meeting room, 10 Monk Street.

Copies of agendas, reports and minutes are available on this page or at Council offices, two days before the meeting.

Members of the public and media are welcome to attend the public part of the meetings. If you wish to present during a public forum session, please see our website for more information on how to register.

What's on in the Coromandel?

Repco Beach Hop 2021

We are full steam ahead for Repco Beach Hop next week. The festival is going to Thames for the first time with the Repco Power Cruise on Thursday 25 March. The historic main street will be closed for the cars arriving from Whangamatā. There will be five areas of live entertainment, plus plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops to explore – you don’t want to miss out. The full programme of events is on their website

As part of Repco Beach Hop 2021, there will be some road closures:


  • Thursday 25 March from 7.30am to 4pm. Pollen Street – Richmond Street to Cochrane Street


  • Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 March from 7am to 11am. Williamson Park - Ocean Road to Williamson Road
  • Friday 26 March from 8am to 12pm: Lincoln Road, Charleston Avenue, Chartwell Avenue and Port Road
  • Saturday 27 March from 7.00am and 7.00pm: Complete road closure of Port Road from northern side of the Ocean Road/Port Road roundabout to the southern side of the Hunt Road/Port Road roundabout to accommodate vehicle displays, entertainment and spectator access.
    Port Road will be closed at each intersection with:
    Ocean Road
    Lincoln Road
    Aickin Road
    Casement Road
    Hetherington Road
    Hunt Road
    Winifred Avenue
    and from 8am and 10am: Esplanade Drive - Lowe Street to Ocean Road

Click here for more information on upcoming events in the Coromandel.

Signature Events Marketing Fund Recipients 

Events in the Coromandel will receive a boost this year as marketing packages were granted to four events after applications were considered by the fund review panel.  Each of the four successful applicants out of the five received by the fund closing date was allocated one of the $12,000 packages offered by the Regional Tourism Organisation, with the aim of stimulating domestic travel. Successful events were able to demonstrate significant out-of-region visitation and associated economic benefit to their communities, two of the fund criteria.

The events which received this funding are:

  • Solarpunk Aotearoa, Thames
  • Tairua Boat Show
  • Whitianga Marathon
  • Whitianga Scallop Festival

Learn more about Destination Coromandel and other promotions at

Could your arts group or creative project use a helping hand?

Applications for the Creative Communities Scheme are open until Friday 26 March. This is for events/projects that will take place between 28 April 2021 and 28 April 2022.

Each year Creative New Zealand provides funding to city and district councils for distributing in their area. The scheme supports more than 1,800 projects every year.

Funding is awarded to projects rather than people undertaking the project and applications must meet one or more of the scheme’s criteria:

  • Broad community involvement - The project will create opportunities for local communities to engage with and participate in arts activities.
  • Diversity - The project will support the diverse arts and cultural traditions of local communities, enriching and promoting their uniqueness and cultural diversity.
  • Young people - The project will enable and encourage young people (under 18 years) to engage with and actively participate in the arts.

Application forms, criteria, and relevant guidelines can be found on our website.