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Drinking water treatment plant upgrades on the go, making progress on our coastal erosion maintenance and what you need to know about moving around under Alert Level 2

28 August 2020

Welcome to the weekly wrap-up of our latest Council project news, important dates and information about what's happening in our District - all now in one easy-to-read email, sent every Friday.

This week:

  • Making progress on our coastal erosion maintenance
  • Moving around under Alert Level 2
  • Changes to Thames Centennial Pool opening hours
  • Whangapoua boat ramp upgrade
  • Road works
  • Drinking water treatment plant upgrades
  • Get ready for the 2021-31 Long Term Plan
  • Community Service Awards now open
  • Free driver refresher courses
  • Upcoming meetings

If you missed last week's update, read it here.

Drinking water treatment plant upgrades on the go

Our Mayor Sandra Goudie (pictured above, left) with Tairua-Pauanui Community Board Chair Warwick Brooks officially opened the new plant on Tairua’s Hinemoa Tce this week. 

Tairua and Whitianga's new water treatment plants have been upgraded, marking an important milestone in our drinking water standards project - Tautiaki Wai Māori. 

This is year two of a three-year project to upgrade 10 water treatment facilities across our district as we keep improving the quality of our drinking water supplies.

The plants have been fitted with the latest technology and methodologies for treating our water including Evoca-supplied membrane units, new filtration, dosing and monitoring equipment.

The installation of the new plant in Pauanui (pictured right) is complete with electrics to be finished next week and we hope it to be operational by November 2020.

Meanwhile, civil works have started on-site for the fourth new plant in Coromandel Town and is expected to be finished in May 2021.

Construction at the Beverley Hills (Whangamata) will start in October and we expect this one to be finished in June 2021.

Planning is underway for the remaining upgrades: Wentworth Valley (Whangamata), Moana Point (Whangamata), Onemana, Matarangi and Hahei (in that order) -

Thanks to Cakes by the Ocean for their creative cake which was part of the morning tea had by our staff, contractors and locals to celebrate the completion of the project.

Making progress on our coastal erosion maintenance

Photo above: Whangamata Beach Access 8.

We're experiencing continued coastal erosion around our open East Coast beaches, with Whangamata, Pauanui, Tairua, Whangapoua, Mercury Bay, Cooks Beach among the notable spots.

"This is continuing as a result of back-to-back storms we’ve had since the beginning of June," says our Coastal Scientist Jamie Boyle. "As well as this, we’ve identified 14 sites around the district that require monitoring and consideration of mitigation alternatives to the ‘living with nature’ approach,” he says.

We will be considering how these issues and sites are best addressed through the upcoming Coastal Panel workshops associated with the Shoreline Management Plans.

Jamie explains more on why this happens to our dunes which you can find at

“Coastal erosion is a district wide issue and the costs are significant to do any type of hard and soft work structures,” says our Mayor Sandra Goudie. “Protecting and enhancing the dunes we have left is critical to the future of beaches and existing beachfront properties.”

The options we have to react to coastal erosion are many and invariably costly.

"Our Council can’t just go in and do works as and when it sees fit," says Jamie. "As well as construction costs, there’s also consenting and consulting costs that have to be managed, and unless we can prove that critical infrastructure is at risk (parks and sand dunes don’t count as critical infrastructure), then the process can take a very long time."

Here's some indicative construction estimates for an 80m section of foreshore:

  • Brophys Beach (Ohuka Beach) - Maintenance work on the geotech wall from 1 September – 27 September, followed by a community dune planting day. During this time, the footpath, parking and boat ramp will be blocked off. The estimated cost for this work is $10,000.
  • Buffalo Beach - Maintenance also started on this week on the rock wall as recent inspections identified some damage and rock movement due to a series of easterly storms and large swells. Work will happen at low tide (weather permitting) over 10 days with an estimated cost of $20,000.
  • Flaxmill Bay - The consent is still being processed with assessment currently being done by Waikato Regional Council (WRC) in relation to the adaptive management plan associated with the five-year trial of the groynes. It is hoped that this will be accepted in the next few weeks by WRC, and then the construction could then begin.
  • Community planting days - Dune restoration planting dates for this season can be found here.

Moving around under Alert Level 2

Superheroes wear masks, sneeze into their elbows, wash hands frequently and keep a good physical distance in public.

Things that used to belong in comics are the new normal while we navigate through this COVID-19 pandemic.

Here's a few things to take on board as we continue to travel through Alert Level 2:

  • From Monday 31 August, wearing a face covering on public transport is mandatory when at Level 2 or above - this includes the Thames Connector Bus and the Whitianga Ferry.
  • A face covering helps stop droplets spreading when someone speaks, laughs, coughs or sneezes. This includes someone who has COVID-19 but feels well or has no obvious symptoms.
  • QR codes will also be displayed on the back of each bus seat from the 4 September.
  • Keeping track of your journey on public transport by scanning a QR code will help contact tracing to take place more efficiently. Recent Auckland cases show that transmissions can occur on public transport, so contact tracing these types of journeys is important.

When you wear a face covering, it's important you use it safely and these are only one part of keeping yourself and others safe. To find out more see the links below:

Thames Centennial Pool is operating under level two restrictions and the public opening hours will change as of Monday 31 August:

  • Monday 6am to 3pm
  • Tuesday 6am to 6pm - only two public lanes are available from 3pm to 6pm
  • Wednesday 6am to 3pm
  • Thursday 6am to 5pm - only two public lanes are available from 3pm to 5pm
  • Friday 6am to 6pm - only two public lanes are available from 3pm to 6pm
  • Sunday 10am to 4pm

Lane bookings are essential. Please phone 07 8688441.

Whangapoua boat ramp upgrade

Work started last week to address the cracks appearing in the ramp and the fact the two ramps were historically poured at different levels. The new ramp will eliminate these issues, along with the addition of a pontoon (Stage two, scheduled for 2022/2023). All this work will make the boat ramp more user-friendly for boaties.

Road works

Station Rd, Puriri - Residents will receive a notice in their letter boxes next week from our roading contractors Schick about kerb and channel installation and road repairs planned to start Monday 7 September. This work will take approximately seven weeks to complete (weather dependant).

  • Every effort will be made to ensure both noise and dust are kept to a minimum with neighbouring resident’s health, safety and well-being of utmost importance to the staff working on site.
  • Temporary Traffic Management involving one-way continuous traffic flow or a stop/go will be in place whilst work is occurring.
  • Regular access to residential addresses will be maintained during construction and any temporary closures will be communicated directly to arrange suitable times.
  • Working hours will be between 7.00am-6pm Monday to Friday and possibly 7.30am-1pm Saturday.
  • An on-site meeting will be held for any residents that are interested in discussing the project further with the Project Manager from Pinnacles Civil and Schick on 8 September, 1pm at The Coach House Puriri car park on Station Road.

If you have any further questions, please contact:
Schick Civil Construction Ltd
Monique Schouten
Contract Manager – Roading
021 424414
0800 4 SCHICK

You can view a summary of scheduled weekly roading activities in our district on our website -

Get ready for the 2021-31 Long Term Plan

Background work at our Council to prepare the Long Term Plan (LTP) for 2021-2031 is progressing, staff told this weeks' meeting of the Audit and Risk Committee.

The LTP sets out our Council’s financial priorities for a period of 10 years and is updated every three years. It states what services, facilities and projects Council intends to deliver, how much it is expected to cost and how that will be funded (including the setting of rates and fees and charges).

“The cost of delivering our Council services increases every year,” says our Mayor Sandra Goudie. “Further rates increases and other revenue sources or savings will be needed to pay for the ongoing operation of our services. In this next LTP we really need people to think about what services they value and how much they are willing to pay for it.”

We’ll be asking for public input into the proposed LTP early next year, once the background work we’re conducting now is completed.

That background work includes preparing the operational and capital expenditure budgets for the next 10 years, but with greater detail on the next three years, and reviewing key strategic documents and corporate policies such as the Water Demand Strategy and the financial policies.

Council will be decide at its meeting on 15 September about public consultation on some of these strategies and policies.

To find out more including other topics discussed in the meeting click here.

Upcoming meetings

  • Council meeting, Tuesday 15 September at 9am in the Thames Council Chambers (515 Mackay St)
  • Tairua-Pauanui Community Board meeting, Monday 21 September at 10am at St Francis House, 248 Main Road, Tairua
  • Whangamata Community Board meeting, Tuesday 22 September at 10am in the Board meeting room (620 Port Rd)
  • Thames Community Board meeting, Wednesday 23 September at 9am in the Thames Council Chambers (515 Mackay St)
  • Coromandel-Colville Community Board meeting, Tuesday 29 September at 10am in the Board meeting room (355 Kapanga Rd)
  • Mercury Bay Community Board meeting, Wednesday 30 September at 9am in the Board meeting room (6 Monk St)

Copies of agendas, reports and minutes are available on this page or at Council offices, two days before the meeting.

Members of the public and media are welcome to attend the public part of the meeting. If there is a report you wish to speak to, you may do so in the public forum of the meeting. See our website here for more information on how to register.

Click here for more information.