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Soft plastics recycling scheme starts in Thames

17 June 2022

Help protect our beautiful environment by recycling your soft plastic waste, such as bags and wrappers, in the new soft plastic recycling collection bins.

The recycled soft plastic will then be turned into fence posts or building materials.

Soft plastics recycling bin“I’m very excited that we have this soft plastics recycling scheme on the peninsula,” says Thames Ward Councillor, Robyn Sinclair. “Waste management is a big issue nationally and it’s an important issue for our district too. This is one of a range of measures that can help safeguard our local and national environment from plastic pollution.”

Lyn Mayes, The Packaging Forum’s Soft Plastic Scheme Manager, says: “We are delighted to finally bring soft plastic recycling to Thames. This has been made possible through partnerships between local Thames businesses and Thames-Coromandel District Council”

The soft plastics recycling bins are at these Thames locations: Pak’nSave, The Warehouse and our Council offices at 515 Mackay Street. An additional recycling bin will also be installed outside the Thames Refuse Transfer Station  by the end of June.


Smart Environmental will collect the soft plastics and bale the plastic ready to transport either to Future Post in Auckland (where the product will be made into plastic fence posts) or saveBOARD in Hamilton (where it will be made into building materials).

Our Council is investigating how it can extend the scheme to other parts of the district.