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Long weekend reminders, SMP meetings, and dog registration opens - plus more from our Council

03 June 2022

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Queen's Birthday Long Weekend 

What are your plans for the upcoming long weekend? With Queen’s Birthday falling on Monday 6 June, there are a couple of things you should know about.  

Kerbside collections - Our Kerbside recycling and rubbish collections will be one day later following the Queen’s Birthday public holiday on Monday 6 June.  

Refuse Transfer Stations - Our Refuse Transfer Stations will be open to their Sunday hours for Monday Queen's Birthday and on Friday 24 June for the new Matariki public holiday. 

Our Council offices Our Council offices in Coromandel Town, Whitianga, Whangamatā, and Thames will all be closed on Monday, however our 24-hour contact centre will remain open. You can contact the team on 07 868 0200. 

Libraries – Our district librairies will be closed on Monday, but you’ll be able to get in on Saturday morning to secure your Queen’s Birthday reading. Our libraries will be back open to normal hours on Tuesday.

Weather - A mixed weather bag this long weekend on the Coromandel, says our Civil Defence Controller Garry Towler. Today and Saturday are expected to be largely clear with some cool showers - but rain is expected to return come Sunday and Monday. Please consider the weather when driving back from your long weekend destinations and take care. for weather updates and check our Council's Facebook page for updates on any road closures from flooding or slips if they occur.

What will we do when the sea level rises? 

The Shoreline Management Plan project team is preparing for another round of public meetings to finalise adaptation plans for sea level rise in our coastal communities. 

The Plan will set the sea level rise thresholds that will trigger action in each community. It will also agree with the communities exactly what the action in their area should be. Among the adaptation options are raising floor levels, building up the hard defences, improving dune management and planting, or staging managed retreat from an area over time.. 

“The important thing to remember is that we will start doing these things as certain levels of sea level rise occur - regardless of what is causing that rise, or the rate at which it is happening,” says Project Manager Amon Martin. 

“Whether the hazards to our communities are a result of coastal inundation, erosion, or land subsidence, once we reach the trigger points, we will have a clear plan of the action that our communities want us to take,” he says. 

The SMP Project is being supported by consultants Royal Haskoning DHV, who have done detailed analysis of the available data. 

“We're not making any assumptions about what is definitely going to happen, we’re saying if sea level rises then this is the planned approach to adapt to that. If it doesn’t happen, you might not need to implement those actions,” says Sian John from Royal Haskoning DHV. 

To hear more from Sian and Amon, you can watch them explain the project in the video below.

To see a full schedule of the final round of SMP public meetings visit

We are All Go for Dog Rego

If you have a dog, it's time to renew its registration for 2022/23.

All go for dog rego 2022

To help make the process as easy as possible, reminder letters should arrive in your letter box over the next few days. You have until 31 July to renew before the late penalty fee applies from 1 August. 

The dog registration fee for the 2022/23 financial year is $85 for all dogs except guide dogs and dangerous dogs. Special rebates also apply to working dogs registered in groups larger than three.  

The tag’s colour for the year is green, and this is your green light to get online or into a Council office to register your dog. You can find more information on how to update your information, renew dog registration, or register a new dog at  

Our condolences to any owners who may receive a renewal letter if their pet has recently passed away. You can let us know by giving us a call on 078680200 or emailing us at 

For more information on dog registration and fees see:  

FundingHQ workshops coming soon 

If you’re a group or organisation that relies on external funding for your work in the community – read on to find out how you can diversify your range of funding.  

We’ve partnered with Jenni Giblin from Funding HQ and will be hosting workshops around the district in July. Jenni has raised over $165 million for community projects throughout the country, and this is an exciting opportunity for groups and organisations around the Coromandel to become financially sustainable. 

Before we lock in the workshops, we’d like to hear from you about the best times and places they should be held and what you’d like to get out of them. Let us know by filling out a quick survey here

Find out more at 

News from our Building Unit 

Over recent years our cadetship programme has proved successful, bringing keen people into our Council and upskilling them to begin a career in building control. 

We do this as nationally there is a general skills shortage within New Zealand's construction and building sector. Our Council wants to assist people who display the right attributes and who see opportunity and value in a building surveying career. 

This year we've taken on three more cadets, all who live locally: Sian Teulon, Bradley Jackson and Riyan Rattan (below, left to right). All three are progressing well through their assignments and tasks which began in February. 

New Non-Residential (Commercial) Building Consent Applications 

To assist our commercial applicants, we're introducing Commercial Building Consent (Pre) Application Meetings. 

The aim of these meetings is to reduce the number of Requests for Information (RFI) and provide a smoother, more personalised process for you. An added bonus could mean a faster lodged application and faster processing and granting timeframes. 

We’re beginning (Pre) Application Meetings for Commercial Consent applications from 1 July 2022. 

If you’re ready to apply, please follow these steps: 

  • Call 07 868 0200 to book an appointment. At this stage this will be via Microsoft Teams until we resume face-to-face meetings. 
  •  At the meeting we will go through the Build Waikato commercial checklist with you so you have the correct and appropriate information. 
  • We will contact other departments in our Council who may need to participate. 
  • You will be given a list of items required. 
  • Once all information required is compiled you can  lodge your consent  through our customer portal in the Alpha Online system. 

Our staff member who does the initial meeting with you will process your consent if possible, as we find creating that relationship up front is pretty important. 

Earthquake Prone Building Update  

By 1 July our Council will have notified those building owners who have a potentially earthquake prone building of their obligations to ensure their building is up to standard - this is within an identified priority route (400-772 Pollen St, Thames). 

We're working collaboratively with these owners so they get the right assessments to bring any identified earthquake prone buildings up to the required standards within the specified timeframes. 

If a building is determined to be earthquake prone, due to the overall rating, it does not necessarily mean the building is unsafe and unable to be used, it just means it’s less likely to perform as well as a new building in a moderate earthquake. 

See more on the government's Building Performance website.

Does Your Site Need To Be Fenced? 

The answer depends on the site location. 

Part of the objective of site fencing requirements under the Building Code is to safeguard people from injury from construction or demolition site hazards. There is also a specific requirement to prevent unauthorised access by children. 

So in our role we will be looking at: 

  • Specifying in your application how you will meet site fencing requirements, and 
  • Whether you are meeting these requirements as part of our inspections. 

To receive our Coro Build e-newsletter with news and updates from our Building Control Unit, please email your details to 

• The remaining Asphaltic Concrete (AC) road resurfacing programme has been placed on hold until the next package of resurfacing works.  

• The playground at Kenwood Reserve in Matarangi is having a new makeover starting on Monday 13 June. Our contractors Playground Creations will be adding all new equipment and a scooter track around the perimeter, in addition to the existing climbing tower. The works, costing $130,000, are expected to be complete by Friday 8 July, depending on conditions. During this time, the playground will be fenced off with no access available as machinery will be operating. Signage will be in place at the site to explain more about the project. 

• Matarangi Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade – Waikato Regional Council has not yet set a date for hearings for our Council’s resource consent application to discharge treated wastewater from the treatment plant once it’s upgraded. The detailed design work for the upgrade is on hold pending the outcome of the consent, as that will influence the design. The upgrade is scheduled to be completed in the 2025/26 financial year. Waikato Regional Council will announce the hearing date on their website. More information on the upgrade to the wastewater treatment plant is on our website:  

• A scheduled water shutdown will take place in Matarangi on Wednesday 8 June from 10am to 2pm for all of Ake Ake Ave, Cordyline Crescent, Manuka Place, and from 100 - 128 Kowhai Ave. Our Council and our water services contractor Veolia apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and every effort will be made to restore your service as soon as possible. 

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Meetings and Community Board updates

A mixed weather bag this long weekend on the CoromandCouncil meetings and Community Board updates

Emergency Management Committee meeting: Tsunami information signs now in place  

104 tsunami information signboards have now been installed around the district, from Whangamatā to Kōpū.  

Our Council’s Emergency Management Committee was provided this update in their meeting this week.  

The meeting agenda is available here and the recording of the meeting can be viewed at  

The tsunami information signs are in place at beach entrances, public toilets and in some town and village centres to inform people on our coastline of the potential risk from tsunami.  

We’re also working on installing signs to indicate evacuation routes and tsunami safe zones in Tairua, Pāuanui, Hot Water Beach, Hahei and Cooks Beach. This should be completed by the end of June. 

The Committee also heard from our Emergency Management Unit staff that the Emergency Mobile Alert test last weekend reached more than 90 per cent of mobile phones in Waikato region. There is no separate figure available for our district. 

The NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) Seasonal Climate Outlook for May to July is for above average temperatures, average or above average rainfall, and ex-tropical cyclone activity will likely remain an elevated risk until temperatures cool.

For more information on our Council’s Emergency Management Unit, go to  

Upcoming meetings