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Join us for the final stage of our Shoreline Management Plans, check out our latest economic data and get ready for local elections

20 May 2022

Welcome to the weekly wrap-up of our latest Council project news, important dates and information about what's happening in our District.

Shoreline Management Plans

In person public meetings are on the way for this important project.

SMP We will be presenting specific adaption plans to our communities on how risks from coastal inundation and erosion hazards could be managed around the Coromandel.

This is the final stage of this three-year project. After we get feedback from these meetings, the Shoreline Management Plan will be updated and presented to Council for adoption. So this is your chance to hear about the proposals for your area, and to give us your feedback.

For times and locations go to

Our Economy

The latest economic data for the last quarter (January- March 2022) for the Coromandel was released this week.

This information is collected by an economic consultancy firm called Infomterics, who collates this data to provide context and insights – so then we can make informed planning decisions.

Some take aways from the last quarter for our district are:


  • Our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was up 5 per cent, compared to a year earlier – just slightly lower than national average (5.2 per cent).
  • The average current house value here was up 14.8 per cent, compared to a year earlier. Growth was lower than in New Zealand (17.7 per cent). The average current house value in the Coromandel was $1,169,543 compared with $1,035,216 nationally.
  • Our traffic flows around the district were lower than previous quarters – which is to be expected with fuel price increases, and more people being able to work from home.
  • Card spending around the Coromandel however rebounded in this quarter - a 3.8 per cent pa increase compared to last quarter – and our annual spending activity was up 6.1 per cent per annum over the 12 months to March 2022.
  • Total tourism expenditure decreased by 1.1 per cent compared to a year earlier. This compares with an increase of 7.1 per cent nationally.

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See for more information.

Get ready for our local elections

Local elections take place across New Zealand this year with voting closing on Saturday 8 October.

Live here? Make sure you are on the Electoral Roll to vote. Go to to enrol or update your details.

Own a property here but don’t normally live here? You can still vote here as a Ratepayer Elector but you have to enrol separately from the Electoral Roll. Go to, download the Ratepayer Electoral Enrolment Form and follow the instructions on it.

Candidates wanted: We encourage people who want to represent all the communities in their area to stand for Mayor, Councillor or Community Board Member. Nominations open 15 July -

Mayor Sandra talks to Police about ram raids

Our Mayor Sandra Goudie had a chat with Waikato Police Commander Superintendent Bruce Bird and Detective Senior Sergeant Andrew Saunders about the recent spate of ram raid robberies in our district.

Superintendent Bird and Detective Senior Sergeant Saunders told us they had dealt with 150 offenders in the Waikato region since February and laid about 750 charges in relation to ram raids.

"We will bend over backwards to try to apprehend the offenders and hold them to account," says Superintendent Bird.

(Apologies to Superintendent Bird who was cut out of the right side of the video in the recording process).

Bollards in front of shops are one response that business owners can take up with our Council. Go to

Rates are due

A reminder that the third instalment of rates is due by 22 May, for those who don't pay annually or by direct debit.

Many people still haven't paid. After 22 May a penalty of 10 per cent applies to what's owed for instalment three.

If you’re financially pressed, contact us to talk about entering into an arrangement to pay.

Want to know what rates pay for? Click here.

Meetings and Community Board updates

This week our Whangamatā and Thames Community Board's met to discuss local projects.

The full Board meeting agenda's are at, where you can also view the recording of the meetings. 

Whangamatā Community Board update

The Board approved a request from the Korihi te Manu o Ngahere Toa Society to retain $1500 of the previous year’s Community Board grant to purchase surveillance equipment, traps, tunnels, and lures for pest eradication.

Whangamatā Community Board will not recommend that Council enter into a new lease with Оpoutere Community Hall Incorporated for the management of the hall located at 1 Оpoutere Road, Оpoutere, until further investigation is completed. That's until a valid committee election has taken place.

See the works in your area section for an update on public conveniences and Moana Anu Anu walkway.

Thames Community Board

The Board was updated on the progress of the planned upgrade to Porritt Park Playground, to build on the skatepark, new toilet block and upgraded playground equipment added in recent years. The concept plan includes:

 You’ll be hearing more on this project soon as it goes out for public feedback and engagement in the design process. See more in the Porritt Park Update report.

The Board also retrospectively approved its submission to the draft Annual Plan, which was out for public consultation from 11 March to 11 April. The submission included support for staff to seek further funding for the Kōpū Marine Facility, to close a funding gap; support for additional funds to enable the implementation of our Council’s Corporate Greenhouse Gases Emission Reduction Plan; and a request that $6,000 be added to the 2022/23 Annual Plan and therafter for ANZAC Day expenses. Our Council adopts the final Annual Plan on 28 June.

Emergency Mobile Alert test 

To make sure the system is working well, a nationwide test of the Emergency Mobile Alert system is happening between 6-7pm on Sunday 22 May.

An alert will be broadcast to all capable phones. Find out more at

For more information about steps you can take to be prepared see our Emergency Management Unit page here.


A windy weekend awaits us  

Strong, cold winds are approaching the Coromandel and expected to gradually ease by Monday.

Westerly winds may approach severe gale in exposed places.

Take time to plan your journeys this weekend and factor in delays with the possibility of trees and debris across roads. Also travel in high sided vehicles and campervans could be tricky, so take care.

Stay informed about this strong wind watch at

Tuateawa shoulder repair work

On Monday 23 May the road shoulder on Tuateawa Road, 500m south of the Little Bay Drive intersection, will begin to be repaired.

This is estimated to take six weeks with rolling road closures from Monday to Friday, with the following times:

7.00am to 7.30am - OPEN 
7.30am to 11.30am - CLOSED 
11.30am to 12.00pm - OPEN 
12.00pm to 4.15pm - CLOSED 
4.15pm to 7.00am - OPEN 

These times allow the school bus to get through and emergency vehicles will be given priority, however access will be restricted for heavy vehicles. 

Kerb and channel construction project, Ocean Beach Rd, Tairua  

Please follow the traffic management in place while Storms Contracting continue working between 7am-6pm, Monday to Friday and possibly on Saturdays from 7.30am-1pm.

Albert Street, Thames road closure

On Wednesday 25 May the upper section of Albert Street will be closed between 9am-3pm while NPE Tech and Downer install underground cables, streetlight poles and possum guards.

If any residents or road users wish to discuss one of the projects above further, please ring our Council’s customer services on 07 868 0200 or email

You can also view roading activities programmed for the week here.

New public toilets in Whangamatā delayed

A June 30 expected delivery date has been extended to August for three toilets in Whangamatā. The public conveniences at Martyn Road, and Island View, and the Beach Road playground. Our contractor Permaloo says that this delay is due to material and resource shortages due to COVID-related.

Moana Anu Anu Cycleway may not proceed as planned

Investigation into the viability of a new cycleway/pedestrian track along the Moana Anu Anu harbour from Hetherington Road causeway bridge to Brenton Place has revealed the presence of six midden sites. This means the chances of obtaining a DOC concession for this project are slim. 

Pauanui dune planting project 

Pauanui dune planting project 2022

After a long road of consultation and community engagement, the Pauanui Dune Planting project is completed.

More than 200 volunteers planted over 13,000 plants across a 260m length of shoreline. This was our biggest and most successful restoration event yet thanks to those involved:

  • The Pauanui Dune Protection Society
  • The wider Pauanui community and other volunteers
  • Mercury Bay Environmental Trust
  • Department of Conservation (Whitianga)
  • NZCS
  • Waikato RC
  • CoastCare (Onemana, Waikato)
  • Pauanui Dune Protection Society
  • Recreational Services
  • Hikuai School
  • Valley Ed (Thames)
  • Coastlands Nursery
  • Storms Contracting
  • Scotty’s Bobcatsand

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