Kerbside Refuse and Recycling Collections

Kerbside rubbish goes to FORTNIGHTLY collections: ALL IN YOUR RECYCLING WHEELIE BIN

Kerbside during lockdown 

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Because we’re in a National State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 Alert Level 4, we’re now following directives from central government and Civil Defence that radically change the way we deliver services to our customers.

The extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19 mean we’re having to change how we handle collecting rubbish and recycling.

From Monday 30 March, your Kerbside refuse collection will need to be placed inside your recycling wheelie bin and will be collected FORTNIGHTLY. The fortnightly collection will occur on your normal recycling day in your normal recycling week.

When’s my collection?


Click to expand or PDF version avaliable to download on top right-hand side of this page.

Collections over the Easter public holiday period will be finalised early next week. Check our website, follow us on facebook, subscribe to our e-newsletter, listen to the radio and check your local newspaper ads for updates.

You can also download collection schedules during this period here, and our guide to kerbiside collections during lockdown (pictured above) here, to put on your fridge or share on digital channels. 

To minimise human contact and the spread of COIVD-19:

Bag all your rubbish and recycling

All rubbish and recycling must be bagged and placed in your recycling wheelie bin and will be collected using low-touch collection methods (mainly side lifters). This is particularly important if your bin falls over, in which case, by bagging all waste and recycling, it will be contained and therefore safer to clean up.

Spilled rubbish

Unfortunately, the collectors are not able to pick up spilled rubbish or overturned bins during this time. Residents are responsible for cleaning up spilt rubbish.

How you can help:

  • Please be kind and patient while we try to keep our communities clean and safe.
  • Try to minimise your rubbish at home
  • Wash and store your recycling at home
  • If there’s no room in your wheelie bin, take it to one of our Refuse Transfer Stations drop off points during operating hours
  • Only use your bins and the drop off sites for your day-to-day household rubbish. Now isn’t the time to be cleaning out the cupboards and the garage
  • Please pick up your own rubbish if it spills in the street - because our contractors won’t be able to touch it
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  • Tune in to your local radio stations or follow us on Facebook for daily reminders

For more information see or call 07 868 0200.

Why the changes?

The extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19 mean we have to change the way we handle the collection of rubbish and recycling.

This is a change that has been guided by central government and it’s to protect the health and wellbeing of our communities, staff and contractors.

Why are we using the recycling wheelie bin?

We’ve worked with the government and major solid waste companies to come up with a way of handling rubbish and recycling collections that has as its priority the wellbeing of our communities, staff and contractors.

Why have we moved to fortnightly collections?

To minimise contact with rubbish and recycling and wheelie bins that may be contaminated with COVID-19, we need to put everything into wheelie bins, which can be emptied using side-lifting refuse trucks.

Our contractor only has enough of these trucks to carry out fortnightly collections and no additional vehicles are available.

We have calculated the volume of residential Kerbside refuse and we believe that with good household waste management the fortnightly service is adequate. We will be closely monitoring the collections and require your help to make your waste fit into the wheelie bins

Why are we not using the glass crates?

In line with central government ‘s direction on the safe management of refuse, our Council  and our contractor have agreed that manual handling by residents and collection staff of the recycling glass crates poses a risk of communal spread of COVID-19.

For this reason, we’re requesting that you place your glass in a bag into the recycling bin if there is room.

Please do not overload the wheelie bin. If necessary, wash and store your glass until you have space in the wheelie bin.

Why are we not recycling and why is the recycling going to landfill?

Collecting recyclable material from people’s homes is a priority, but sorting and processing it at the recycling plant in Kopu is not seen as an essential service right now.

The workers at the recycling plant expose themselves to every product in the waste stream at close proximity, and this is clearly too high a risk at this time.

The recycling material collected can not be stored unsorted and retain its value.

The fact that some of it may be contaminated with COVID-19 means we are taking it to landfill.

What should I do?

  • Put your household rubbish in official blue Council bags as normal, put the bag inside your wheelie bin.
  • If you run out of blue bags it‘s ok use any rubbish bag until you get some more blue Council bags.
  • If there is still room in the bin, put your recycling in a bag or bags (they don’t have to be blue Council bags) and put those bags inside the wheelie bin.
  • Rubbish should take priority over recycling if you’re struggling for space in your wheelie bin.
  • Your bin lid must be closed.  Overfull bins spill rubbish in the lifting process so please be mindful of this as we don’t want rubbish blowing around and potentially spreading the virus.
  • Put out your wheelie bin by the kerb by 7:30am as usual on your normal recycling day.
  • If your wheelie bin is not out on time the truck will not be coming back for two weeks, trucks are GPS tracked and we know if a truck has been down your street and at what time.
  • Place your bin on the kerbside free of obstructions.
  • Place your bin at least half a meter away from power poles, letter boxes and other fixed objects so that the automated arm has clear access.
  • Please do not park your car in front of wheelie bins on collection day as we want to avoid the drivers handling the wheelie bins as much as possible.
  • Follow the directions on the top of the bin lid.  This shows the side that should face the kerbside: the handle should be away from the kerb.
  • Unfortunately the collectors are not able to pick up spilled rubbish or overturned bins, The resident is responsible for cleaning spilt rubbish.
  • Sanitise your wheelie bin handles before and after the collections.  If you don’t have sanitiser, use a  household bleach solution of at least 10 per cent bleach. 
  • We will do our best to collect your waste on the day it is presented.  Be understanding if there are delays due to unforeseen circumstances like breakdowns, bad weather, or excessive demand due to additional people in the area.
  • Please understand that the collectors and transfer station staff are still out there working and handling your waste. Be kind, understanding and remember they have families to go home to as well.

I can’t fit it all in my wheelie bin, what do I do?

  • If it’s not bagged and in a wheelie bin it won’t be collected.
  • Don’t put blue rubbish bags and crates of glass recycling on the kerbside – they won’t be collected.
  • Either wash and store your recycling at home if there’s no room in your wheelie bin or take it to one of our Refuse Transfer Stations (RTS) drop off points.
  • RTSs are open for their normal operating hours only for commercial operators providing essential services.
  • Drop your recycling at the RTS drop-off point during operating hours.
  • You can also drop rubbish in blue Council bags at the RTS drop-off point during operating hours.
  • RTS hours and locations –

Someone in my household is sick – what do I do?

  • If someone is sick, with COVID-19 or anything else, double-bag your rubbish.
  • The inside bag can be any bag and the outside one should be an official blue Council bag.
  • Bagging the rubbish inside your wheelie bin is about stopping contact – so you don’t have to touch it and neither do our staff or contractors.
  • Keeping our communities clean is everyone’s responsibility.
  • If your rubbish is knocked over or spilled on the street, you will need to pick it up yourself as our contractors can't collect it, it won’t spill on the ground if it is in a bag.

I don’t have a Council recycling wheelie bin – what do I do?

  • Take your rubbish and recycling to a RTS during normal operating hours and drop it off at the drop-off point. 
  • Or take bagged rubbish and recycling to one of our mobile compactors.
  • Take care to wear gloves and use sanitiser.
  • Compactor locations here.

When’s my recycling week?

  • Next week is Week 2 in our fortnightly recycling collection schedule.
  • Check your wheelie bin’s address sticker.
  • The number next to your collection day, e.g. Tue1, is your recycling week – Week 1 in this example.

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